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Welcome to the PHP SyncML API development site.

Great News

PHP Architect has put an article in their magazine to get interested parties to help out with project. The magazine shows you how to implement a calendar SyncML system that is very basic. If you have a question about the article in the magazine refer to link on the left and the question may have been answered already. I will update this frequently. If you don't find your question there then post it to the mailing list and we will try to answer it.

There has been an update to the article already so click on the link and check it out.

This project was brought about because of the dire need of synchronizing web applications with handheld devices. I have started a program skeleton that is working with calendar syncing to MySQL database. This needs to go much further.

Like the name implies above this project needs to make a API for synchronizing. That means we need a todo list.

  • Get addressbook syncing working
  • Make code universal to different databases
  • Implement DTD for different devices
  • Clean up code
  • Write documentation

There is lots of work to do so help make this project the standard in synchronization with PHP.